Yes, I’m Posting a Mournful Love Ballad. So Sue Me.

Posted: November 6, 2009 in Music

Lots of great music at the Malibu High Choral Department’s presentation of “Cabaret” last evening, so I’m really looking forward to enjoying yet another performance of it tonight (I hear we even get a bunch of new solo performances, too!).

A long time ago I noticed that time and time again the numbers my daughter performed in were always hands-down the best performances of the show. Just turned out that way without fail. (Coincidence you might say, but I think it’s pure talent.) So, over time, I developed this little game where I picked out my favorite performance outside of my daughter’s performances. Sort of a “best of the rest.” Honorable mention, if you will.

Well, last night was sort of hard to choose. I like a little jazz, and I can really get into some blues – and both were represented well last night. And yet, for some reason, the number that really grabbed me was a mournful love ballad as performed by a very talented high schooler named Tanner Porter. She was fantastic.

I’m not up on my mournful love ballads, not to mention that I don’t stay current on music in general. You all may know the work of Rosie Thomas quite well, and I’m just late to arrive once again. If not, I think you’ll be taken by the soulful melody.

Here is Rosie Thomas herself singing “Have You Seen My Love?” on YouTube. Rosie would be proud to know that Tanner did it more than justice last night.

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