So My Reading List is Short Now’Days

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Stories

Well. Of course my reading list is long, but it consists of such page-turners as Evidence Under the Rules: Text, Cases, and Problems. Or maybe, American Criminal Procedure: Cases and Commentary. Just to name a couple.

But this year I committed to keeping a non-law school book by my bedside, and overall, I’ve kept my commitment. But it has been slow going. I have finished two books this semester and have recently begun a third. For those of you without a life, I thought I’d share my itty bitty reading list from this semester.

#1: Just Call Me Mike. This is the autobiography of Mike Farrell, aka B.J. Hunnicutt from M*A*S*H. I received this from the man himself at my summer gig with Public Counsel, and he even autographed it for me! It isn’t going to win Autobiography of the Year or anything, but I’d say that (a) M*A*S*H fans would enjoy it, as would (b) any self-respecting liberal. I’m more the latter (though self-respecting is a stretch), so I’d say I enjoyed it. For anyone outside those two groups, however, you should probably wait for the movie.

#2: The Long Snapper by Jeffrey Marx. I submitted a strong hint to the fam that I’d like this book, and Hillary gave it to me for my birthday. I had fallen in love with Marx’s book, Season of Life, a few years back, and since The Long Snapper featured a dude in his late 30s, I thought this would be a perfect match. I found it enjoyable overall. I guess. But it didn’t hold a candle to Season of Life. Anyway, if you are (a) a sports fan, or (b) an evangelical Christian, I think you’d like it. I’m more the former, so I’m glad I gave it a read. Again, anyone outside these two categories shouldn’t bother.

#3: Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. I’m just getting started here, but I have high expectations. I read Sedaris’s When You Are Engulfed in Flames over last Christmas break, and it was way funny. This one is off to a great start, too. If you (a) are gay, or (b) enjoy hearing a gay person tell hilarious stories, you can’t go wrong with Sedaris. (I’m the latter if anyone is keeping score at home.) 🙂 If you have the tendency to avoid all things gay, please step away from the bookshelf. However, anyone with a sense of humor ought to enjoy it bunches.

Well, that’s it. A whopping three books on this reading list. Hope you all can keep up.

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