The Waves Recede and the Chickens Relax

Posted: November 13, 2009 in Miscellaneous

Had a good time at the Waves’ home opener tonight even though they faded away in double overtime. Always good being with Jody and Hillary on our Friday “family night.” Made even better sitting by (Dean) Tim & Lucy Perrin. Added bonus when Michael John came to the game for the overtimes (he was watching at home on television, and when it got exciting he had to come down!).

There’s a promotion with KFC this year: whenever the Waves score 75+ points in a game, everyone gets a free piece of grilled chicken. Well, it’s a pretty safe bet since our offense isn’t our strong suit. But tonight, in double overtime, I guarantee that some chickens were starting to get nervous.

Still, we lost 67-64.

Dean Perrin estimated at the beginning of the first overtime that it would take three overtimes to get some chicken, but considering we only scored nine points in two overtimes, there’s a good chance it would have took a good four or five.

Looks like we’ll have to buy our own grilled chicken this season.

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