A Special Touch

Posted: November 14, 2009 in Family and Friends, Justice

Today was another installment of the law school’s Sack Lunch Saturday, and I think that each time we do this I get happier and happier.

We had sixteen folks out to help today, which has become our normal (and amazing) number. A big chunk of them are 1L’s, and they are just awesome.

Today, we had a special guest. Jacob Moore is now three years old, and his mom had a great idea of doing something to serve others in conjunction with his party (Jacob’s dad is a 3L here). Yesterday, they had all the kids in our campus apartment complex out in the courtyard painting the paper sacks we would use today for the Malibu Labor Exchange. All 100 of them. Very cool.

Today, Jacob and Tiffany (aka “mommy”) delivered the sacks to us, stayed and helped stuff them with lunches, and then traveled with Frank & I to the Labor Exchange to hand them out. Even cooler.

Oscar, the man in charge at the Labor Exchange, made a big deal out of Jacob’s artistic accomplishment and asked all the homeless folks to save the sacks after eating their lunches. He didn’t want to throw away such valuable pieces of art.

Before we left, Oscar wanted me to write down a little info about Jacob and what all he had done so they could include it in their newsletter over the holidays. I thought that was neat.

I wonder what the world would be like if, instead of presents, we all celebrated our birthdays by doing things for those in need? Would probably resemble that kind of world Jesus talked about.


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