Attention All Writers of Country Songs

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Laughter, Music

So I’m in Criminal Procedure class today, and we’re talking about the 4th Amendment’s search & seizure requirements in light of exigent circumstances, and we have this case where poor Chuck & Tera have a falling out and Tera tells a cop named Love that Chuck hid some weed under the sofa, and the issue was whether or not it was okay for the cops to keep Chuck from hanging out in the trailer without police accompaniment while one of the cops went for a search warrant…

But forget all that. It’s just there was a line in the case that I am sure would be inspiration for a beautiful country music song. It came when the cop first arrived on the scene, and it said…

“Love knocked on the trailer door.”

That, my friends, is a #1 song if I ever saw one.

I expect royalties.

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