Of Homelessness and Preaching

Posted: November 19, 2009 in Family and Friends, Justice, Lessons, Music

#1: So I did my speaking gig on Hunger & Homelessness tonight, and it went okay. Met a couple of really nice folks afterwards, and some kids got some convo credit. After sharing about everything I have learned in my 39+ years, I realized that it was probably good that I never went into campus ministry or teaching college. Don’t know that this is my group to “connect” with. Again, I enjoyed the opportunity, and I got to meet some impressive young folks.

#2: But Jody wins the race for inspirational homelessness lessons tonight. She went to Ralph’s (our local grocery store), and she said that (as usual) there were some solicitors outside the front door. Tonight, it was kids asking for money/food to help the homeless. There was a man walking by, and one of the kids stopped him and asked if he wanted to donate to the homeless. Without missing a beat, he replied, “I am the homeless,” and kept walking. And he was. And the kid didn’t know what to say. Jody thought a good response might have been to actually give him the food they were collecting, but that may have made too much sense.

#3: Anyway, speaking tonight reminded me that I gave up preaching (although I’ve now been asked to preach at our church’s Christmas Eve service – sheesh, can’t get away from preaching!). “Giving up preaching” then reminded me of a YouTube video one of my Facebook friends linked to today.

[Explanation: Church of Christ folks of my generation are very familiar with the singing group, Acappella. What most remember as the original guys are the founder, Keith Lancaster, and mega-bass, Rodney Britt.]

Well, Rodney Britt succeeded me as preacher in Ocean Springs, and the YouTube video was from Keith & Rodney doing a sort of reunion deal in South Africa recently. The sound quality isn’t very good, but you’ll get the drift. My favorite part is the guy dancing in the aisle when Rodney enters and starts singing!!! LOL!!!

  1. wjcsydney says:

    Dancing in the aisles is such a South African thing. That made me quite nostalgic. Isn’t Rodney Britt with The Sounds of Glory now? Lanier Stevens is one of my facebook friends… I got to know their music though a Yahoo group we were both paty of.

  2. alsturgeon says:

    Yeah, but I think Sounds of Glory isn’t doing much anymore. But I really don’t know for sure.

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