The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Posted: November 20, 2009 in Miscellaneous

Went to see Pepperdine’s production of Sweeney Todd tonight, and it was EXCELLENT! However, I came away with an even greater awareness of how great Malibu High’s production was last year (it wasn’t far off what we saw tonight!).

Tonight’s cast was superb, but I have to say that Mrs. Lovett stole the show. Tonight’s Mrs. Lovett was last year’s Mrs. Meers in “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” and she basically stole that show, too. Her name is Allegra Edwards, and she is an amazing talent. I should get her autograph before you have to stand in long lines for such a thing.

Jody thinks she saw Richard Moll (Bull Shannon from “Night Court”) there tonight. Don’t know if it was him or not (he was tall and bald, but then again, so am I). Anyway, it made me look him up on Wikipedia where I discovered he is now 66 years old. Great, now I am tall and bald and feel old. 🙂

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