Next Semester

Posted: November 21, 2009 in Miscellaneous

I successfully registered for classes next semester, and thankfully, was able to get in all the classes I wanted. I am registered for six classes totaling fifteen hours.

#1: My year as a staff member on the DISPUTE RESOLUTION LAW JOURNAL will continue next semester, giving me two credit hours. More blasted subchecking, plus I will get to complete my Comment (read: legal research paper).

#2: Another two credit hours will come from MEDIATION THEORY & PRACTICE, a required class on my way to obtaining a certificate in dispute resolution from the famed Straus Institute here at Pepperdine. I don’t know who will be my professor yet (listed as “Staff” right now), but here is the course description:

“This course explores the various theories underlying and practices basic to mediation. The mediation process is organized into a series of stages, and basic mediation skills and techniques appropriate to each stage are identified and cultivated. Simulations and experiential exercises provide students with an opportunity to develop proficiency as mediators and to rigorously analyze appropriate roles and behavior as mediators and advocates taking into account the legal, ethical and public policy issues surrounding the practice of mediation.”

#3: WILLS & TRUSTS is a required upper division course at Pepperdine, and I will be in Professor Wendel’s class (four credit hours). Below is both a picture of Professor Wendel (to readers on Facebook, go to my blog HERE where the pictures actually come through) and a course description:

“An examination of the family wealth transmission process including intestate succession; creation, execution, alteration, and revocation of wills and trusts; rules relating to interpretation and construction; examination of uses and functions of charitable, resulting, and constructive trusts, and the Rule Against Perpetuities.”

#4: Pepperdine has an upper division ethics requirement, and my enrollment in ETHICAL LAWYERING (two credit hours) will fulfill that requirement. Professor Childress and the course description is below:

“A survey course exploring the lawyer’s ethical responsibilities and the general principles of law governing the legal profession. Focuses on the ABA Model Rule of Professional Conduct, including the lawyer’s duties as an officer of the court, the lawyer’s duties to the client, and the lawyer’s duties to third parties. Includes discussions of the interplay of law, ethics, and morality, and the concept of law as a profession.”

#5: Three credit hours will come from TRIAL PRACTICE with Professor Adamson:

“A study of the methods and procedures of counsel in various aspects of trial. Students will actively participate in direct- and cross-examination of witnesses, making objections, methods of impeachment, use of depositions, introduction of exhibits, the importance of ethics, decorum, and personal mannerisms in the courtroom. Participation in complete practice trials; learning through actual experience.”

#6: Finally, I have chosen as an elective ADVANCED TORTS SEMINAR (two credit hours) with Professor Linden:

“This course will cover the moral and ethical foundation of tort law and its proper role in America today. The course will explore some current tort issues such as wrongful life, wrongful birth, duties to the unborn, duty to rescue, tort liability for sexual misconduct, child abuse and harassment, professional liability, police torts, government liability, privacy protection, and automobile accident compensation.”

Looks like an interesting semester ahead, and if I’m not smart enough to learn anything, at least the course topics sound extremely intelligent.

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