Attention Arkansas & Mississippi

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Family and Friends

My finals begin a week from today, and that will unleash a crazy schedule that I feel the need to share. After my three back to back to back finals (Monday through Wednesday of next week), Hillary has a required choir performance Thursday night, after which she and I will fly all night to get to Mississippi in time to join Jody and Erica for Erica’s college graduation in Hattiesburg that Friday afternoon (December 11).

So here’s the travel plans:

* MISSISSIPPI: We’ll spend Friday night (December 11) in Hattiesburg since Hillary and I will be EXHAUSTED, and we’ll travel to Ocean Springs on Saturday. We will stay with our good friends, Todd & Robin Hayes, attend the Ocean Springs Church of Christ on Sunday morning and evening, and leave early Monday morning. Unfortunately, our limited time will preclude us from seeing everyone we want to see, so I want to encourage all our Mississippi friends that can to come to worship with us Sunday morning and then go out to eat afterward. We’d love to see as many folks as we can, but time is just limited. Plus, and more importantly, I haven’t seen my oldest daughter in a year, so I plan to be hugging on and talking to her as much as I can that weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

* ARKANSAS: We will drive to Arkansas on Monday, December 14. Again, time is our enemy. We will be staying with my mom in Paragould. We are planning to spend the evening with my family Monday night, go out to eat with Jody’s dad Tuesday night, go see Jody’s grandmother Wednesday morning, and go to 7th & Mueller Church of Christ Wednesday night before flying back to California that Thursday. Again, as our proposal to see a bunch of our folks, we’d invite everyone to come to 7th & Mueller that Wednesday night (December 16). There are so many folks we’d love to see in our short visit.

All this depends on the cooperation of flights & weather, of course, so we’ll be praying all goes smoothly.

And now, I must disappear into the inferno of a week of intensive studying. I look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel, which this time includes getting to see some of the people our family loves dearly.


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