Couple of Controversial Comments

Posted: December 1, 2009 in Justice

Must study. So view these more as random comments than invitations to debate. Just a couple of thoughts from the headlines I need to clear out of my head so I can focus on studying today.

#1: I am glad that the danger posed by Maurice Clemmons is over. And yet. When a mentally ill man is killed, it is a very sad kind of relief. How to deal with mental illness is a massive societal problem. I have no answers to propose, but I would like to shine a spotlight on the real problem underlying the Maurice Clemmons story.

#2: I am against general warfare, so I oppose the escalation proposed by President Obama today. It seems that the rules of politics today demands that you pick a side and defend it at all costs (while attacking the other). I don’t like those rules. I am against escalating war regardless of the party proposing it.

There. Now I must devote brain cells to Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Constitutional Law, and Negotiation.

Add a comment if you like, but I’m afraid you can’t count on a response today.


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