Happy New Year From Pasadena!

Posted: January 1, 2010 in Family and Friends

It isn’t often that I reach into my bag of adjectives and pull out the word glorious to describe a day, but that is the obvious choice for today. Simply glorious.

Here are a few of the highlights:
* Spent the entire day with Jody & Hillary
* It was 70 degrees with blue skies on January 1 in Pasadena
* Front row seat to the Rose Parade
* Didn’t have to pay for parking
* Jody got emotional when the organ donation float passed by
* An FFA kid from Arkansas yelled at me in my Arkansas shirt from the parade – we called the Hogs
* A marching band from a blind school participated in the parade (very cool)
* Saw the Tuskegee Airmen
* Saw celebrities Jackie Chan, Dick Van Patten, Jack Hanna, and Sully Sullenberger
* Saw a surfing dog
* Got an upclose view of the majestic Clydesdales
* Got an upclose view of the amazing floats in the viewing area after the parade
* Ate two scrumptious hot dogs wrapped in bacon with grilled onions – YUM!!!
* Saw two Rolls-Royces and two Ferraris on the ride home
* Took a lot of good pictures – which you can check out HERE


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