Last Day of Winter Break

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Miscellaneous

I always told my daughters that their breaks ended on the Friday afternoon before school resumed the following Monday because they would have had the weekend off anyway. They always found this annoying. Tasting my own medicine, my break ended yesterday, and I must say, it ended very nicely.

* 8:05am: Did my first reading of the semester. The class is Ethical Lawyering, which I know lends itself to easy jokes about oxymorons and whatnot. But I really think I’m going to enjoy this class. I keep thinking I’ll discover a class in law school where the material is right up my alley. Hasn’t happened yet, but hope springs eternal. Maybe Ethical Lawyering will be the one.

* 10:21am: My second grade from last semester popped up. Two down, and three to go. The first grade I received was quite a pleasant surprise. The second one was also pleasant, though less surprising. I’m hoping for more pleasant experiences as the other three trickle in over the next couple of weeks.

* 12:15pm: Leftover taco salad for lunch. Yum, yum, yum!!!

* 1:30pm: Hillary comes home from school, and we end up having one of the best talks ever. Life is good.

* 2:35pm: My friend, Jon Wood, and his wife, Lisa, both in town to root on Alabama to the BCS Championship, drop by for a visit. Jon and I were roommates at the University of Arkansas in the spring of 1992, and I hadn’t seen him since our graduations that year (he from law school, and I from undergrad). Jon is one of my favorite people, and he influenced me in that short semester more than he will ever know. I get to introduce Hillary & Jody to Jon & Lisa, and that makes me happy. I drive Jon & Lisa down to Malibu Country Mart where they grab a sandwich at John’s Garden, and then we go wander around the law school. Jon is Chief Intellectual Property Counsel for Bridgestone Tire in Cleveland, Ohio, so wandering around the law school is actually interesting to him. I just enjoy spending some time with him after all these many years.

* 5:35pm: I drive with Jody & Hillary to Malibu High. Hillary goes to the Middle School Talent Show, and Jody & I go watch Malibu High take on Oak Park High in a little high school hoops. Sports isn’t the highest priority at Malibu High (except water polo), where the arts are king, but I was impressed at how well the high school student body came out to support the team. I was also impressed at how scrappy the team was, playing hard on both ends of the court for all four quarters. They seemed to struggle most with their offensive decision-making. Too many turnovers, and the shot selection was often poor, but since California high schools apparently use a shot clock, shot selection will necessarily be more difficult. We lost the game, but I still enjoyed the experience.

* 10:00pm: As has often been the case lately, got sucked into another Criminal Minds rerun on television. Gets me every time.

Okay, break’s over. About time to get back to work.

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