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Posted: January 11, 2010 in Miscellaneous

Classes resumed at the law school today, but I only had one scheduled, and it was cancelled. So, believe it or not, I’m sort of bored. Confident that this problem will be solved soon (say, tomorrow), thought I’d take a quick jab at the people in the headlines today.

* MARK MCGWIRE: Big Mac used steroids. This is not news. Big Mac admitted using steroids. This is huge news. Some might say this admission mars baseball’s glorious summer of 1998, but it has been marred a long time now. Today just adds some much-needed closure. I wonder if there will ever be a headline where Barry Bonds gives truth a chance?

* PETE CARROLL: Coach Pete has officially left USC for soggy Seattle and 33 million dollars over the next five years. This big sports news is simply big news here in SoCal. I’ve always taken a little bit of pride in Pete Carroll, what with his start 30+ years ago as a grad assistant under Lou Holtz at my alma mater, the University of Arkansas. He has been a terrific college coach, and some may doubt the wisdom of leaving a comfy job like USC for the rigors of the NFL. I think it’s a smart move on his part. Trojan Football has nowhere to go but down, and if he washes out of the NFL, he can take his 33 million and hand-pick the college job he wants afterward (see. e.g. Nick Saban). Win-win if you ask me.

* SIMON COWELL: The acerbic American Idol judge is stepping down after this season. It cracks me up when people talk about how athletes are overpaid. Pete Carroll is making 33 million over the next five years, but Simon Cowell got 36 million EVERY YEAR to sit on his butt and be a pain in everyone else’s. Not bad work if you can get it.

* SARAH PALIN: Speaking of overpaid celebrities. The bright lights snagged Mrs. Palin, too, with the announcement today that she has taken a news celebrity job with Fox News. This is apparently good news to me on two fronts: (1) I never watch Fox News; and (2) this probably means she won’t be running for president. To the latter, I wouldn’t think she had a real chance to win, but then again, I wouldn’t think she’d be popular in the first place. Having been wrong about the one worries me that I could be wrong about the other.

Well, there you have it: a few faces from the headlines, and my worthless commentary. Tomorrow begins much more valuable turf for me with my first two classes of the semester. Work awaits.

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