Brace Yourself

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Family and Friends

Hillary went to the orthodontist yesterday and returned with beautiful braces. I am constantly amazed by her easygoing nature. I know full well that I would not have been a pleasant person to be around had I acquired braces when I was her age, but she takes everything in stride and seems to find some measure of joy in even the most challenging circumstances. I want to be like her when I grow up.

Jody had a big day yesterday, what with her favorite TV show (The Biggest Loser) filming on campus. She wandered down to the pool where they were filming a challenge and had the opportunity to speak with a couple of the contestants. If you are a fan of the show and want the inside scoop on who’s left standing in a couple of weeks, you’ll have to ask her privately.

Me, well, I’m off and running on a new semester. We had two classes for the first time yesterday. Wills & Trusts with Professor Wendel will be fun because, if nothing else, he has a warped sense of humor. This endeared him to me right away. And Trial Practice is going to be a lot of fun, too. If you can use this word about a former judge, Professor Adamson seems “sweet.” Having a kind Trial Practice professor may make the opportunities we’ll have to speak in (fake) court much, much easier.

Gotta run. Work to do.


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