Shopping List

Posted: February 2, 2010 in Lessons

Randy Chesnutt delivered a terrific sermon this past Sunday morning, and I was disappointed to see on our church’s website that there wasn’t an audio recording. I had hoped to just link everyone to it.

Randy’s title was “Trees Walking Around,” borrowed from the story of the blind man that Jesus took two shots to heal. The sermon’s theme was that the disciples had a distorted vision of Jesus, and so do we. And that both of our “eye” problems are really “I” problems.

Anyway, it was a terrific sermon. Too bad you missed it. 🙂

What I’ll share with you instead of a link is the lyrics of a satirical song that Randy read to us in his sermon. What Randy read was much longer than the lyrics I found online, so if anyone has access to the long play version, feel free to send it my way. The song is called “Shopping List,” by Babbie Mason.

Lord, I need to talk to You.
There’s so much on my heart.
So many burdens make it hard.
And I don’t know where to start.
I thank You for my family,
Your mercy and Your love.
Now on to more important things,
I’ll give my magic lamp a rub.

Gimme this, I want that,
Bless me Lord I pray.
Grant me what I think I need to make another day.
Make me wealthy. Keep me healthy.
Fill in what I miss
On my never-ending shopping list.

Lord, You’ve been so good to me.
How could I ask for more?
But since You said to ask, I will,
Cause what else is prayer for?
The cattle on a thousand hills,
They belong to You.
I don’t need any cows right now,
But something else will do.

Written by Larry Bryant

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