Putting On Ayers

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Music, Peace

This summer I had great fun watching “The Soloist” in Pasadena with some of my cool friends from Public Counsel. Given our summer’s work with the homeless, it was an extra special movie (plus, it was the day Michael Jackson died just a few miles away, so it was simply an unforgettable afternoon).

It was even more fun to see the real live Mr. Nathaniel Anthony Ayers carrying his violin through the LAMP Community on our tour of Skid Row — a homeless, mentally ill, musical genius.

It was neat to see an email from my friend, Kelsey, a few days ago sharing the news that Mr. Ayers will be getting his very own CD sometime soon. HERE is the article, and as you’ll see at the end, a couple more links where you can 1) see a little preview, and 2) buy the CD when it becomes available.

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