Opening Night – Success!!!!

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Family and Friends

Geppetto & Son was great fun last night! As with last year, I am blown away by the talent level of middle school kids at Malibu High. They are simply incredible!

Notes from last night:
* We enjoyed being among several parents we’ve come to know, but it was especially cool that the Hogan family came to support Hillary last night! Thank you Kimberly, Kevin, Chloe, and Jack!
* I don’t think we’re supposed to take pictures during the show, so all I have picture-wise is THIS LINK to a Facebook album where you’ll find (1) a cool collage put out by the school (Hillary is in the Pleasure Island pic); and (2) a few pics of Hillary with friends after the show.
* Kind of hard to pick a favorite character (outside of Hillary, of course), but if pressed I’d have to go with the Blue Fairy. She was hilarious!
* We saw Nia Peeples last night, and it turned out she was one of the show’s choreographers. You may remember her from the original TV show, Fame, or maybe Walker, Texas Ranger, or maybe The Young & The Restless, or maybe the Prince video Rasberry Beret, or maybe a bunch of other things. For some reason, I remember the short run of the TV show, The Party Machine With Nia Peeples!

Tonight is the second night of the show, and I’m ready to see it again!


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