And the Curtain Falls

Posted: February 21, 2010 in Family and Friends

Well, Hillary’s musical ended today with its fourth and final performance. It was extra special for all of us because our great friends, the Ebbs and the Echols, both came to support Hillary. Both of those families are among our all-time favorites.

HERE are just a few pics from today.

Kinda cool that celebrity Nia Peeples sat by my mom during the performance, plus Jody got to talk to our old buddy, Pat Benatar. Just dropped Hillary off at the cast party on the road where Mel Gibson lived (and Britney Spears used to live). U2’s “The Edge” lives up there, too, among many other stars I’m sure. Malibu life.

Wulp, gotta get to work.

  1. James Jones says:

    Nia Peeples!!!! Did you get her autograph? Nicole was my favorite character on Fame — I was a kid and I had a huge crush on her.

    Congrats on your daughters play.

    • alsturgeon says:

      Thanks, man!

      Yep, Nia Peeples. No autograph, but both my wife and I talked to her a little, and she is a very sweet person. And I might add, even years later, it is obvious that you have a fine taste in evaluating feminine beauty! 🙂

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