Wrapping Up February

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Miscellaneous

#1: The weather was absolutely perfect in Malibu today. I know that sounds a bit redundant, but so far in 2010, it has had its ups and downs. Today was amazing.

#2: I hear the Winter Olympics are wrapping up, though I must admit I haven’t followed it much. I hear the Canadians took the gold in men’s ice hockey. Great. First they have affordable health care, and now they take gold in men’s ice hockey. Next thing you know they’ll get warm weather and a flag not involving foliage.

#3: Hillary made it back safely from her youth group’s retreat to Big Bear, and she reported having a wonderful time. Plus, she got to watch it snow all day yesterday, which is the first time she’s seen it snow all day anywhere in her lifetime.

#4: It was a nice morning at the University Church of Christ. As always, enjoyed John Wilson’s class, and Stuart Love appeared to do a nice reflection on The Lord’s Prayer. I’ll have to admit that my mind wandered through Stuart’s sermon, but for two reasons, I think it was okay. First, The Lord’s Prayer is one thing I actually have a firm grasp on: in fact, it has become a very important part of my life. And second, a sermon came to me when Stuart was starting his, so I spent the biggest part of the homily outlining one of my own. I don’t have anywhere to preach it, but when the opportunity arises, I’m good to go.

#5: Hank & Sue Gamboa asked us to accompany them to Marmalade Cafe for lunch today, which was a very nice thing for them to do. We had a great time visiting with such special people. Hank begins another round of chemotherapy for his leukemia tomorrow morning, so for those so inclined to pray, please remember Hank.

#6: Speaking of health and such, I saw that President Obama’s physical examination turned out well, with the only concerns being an elevated cholesterol level and the need to quit smoking completely. I was especially intrigued by the line that said that a “virtual colonscopy” reveled no cancer. I’ve had a colonoscopy before, and there was nothing virtual about it. Next time, I’m requesting a technological upgrade. 🙂

#7: Spent the afternoon finishing my next-to-last subcheck, printing off my comment for my journal article, and taking an MPRE practice test. I’m scheduled to take the MPRE next Saturday, and I’m trying to prevent having to retake it as a 3L. Which means I need to study quite a bit this week.

#8: Wulp, February has been a nice month, but I guess it is time to bid it a fond farewell.

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