MPRE: Sharing the Fun

Posted: March 6, 2010 in Miscellaneous

Well, the MPRE is behind me now. All that’s left is to wait five weeks to see if I passed. I felt pretty good about it overall, but feeling good about it isn’t really factored into the final score.

I enjoyed my first trip to the USC campus. It is basically in downtown L.A., which some find off-putting, but I happen to like.

Anyway, I suddenly realized how thoughtless it was of me to do all this studying for the MPRE without sharing with everyone else. If your particular mental illness involves taking law-related tests for fun, you can access 150 questions HERE. But I just picked one out so everyone could take “Answer one question from an MPRE practice question bank” off of their bucket list.

Here it is:

Attorney Alpha was retained by Client to incorporate Client’s business, which previously had been operated as a sole proprietorship. Alpha noticed in Client’s file copies of some correspondence from Client to Attorney Beta concerning the possibility of Beta’s incorporating Client’s business. Alpha questioned Client to make cer-tain that any attorney-client relationship between Beta and Client had been terminated. Client told Alpha,
“It certainly has been terminated. When I discussed the matter with Beta six months ago, he asked for a retainer of $1,000, which I paid him. He did absolutely nothing after he got the money, even though I called him weekly, and finally, last week when I again complained, he returned the retainer. But don’t say anything about it because Beta is an old friend of my family.”

Is Alpha subject to discipline if she does not report her knowledge of Beta’s conduct to the appropriate authority?
A. Yes, if Alpha believes Beta clearly was guilty of professional misconduct.
B. Yes, unless Alpha believes Beta does not usually neglect matters entrusted to him.
C. No, if Client was satisfied by Beta’s return of the retainer.
D. No, unless Client agrees that Alpha may report the information.

(Just to be a nuisance, unless someone wants to sift through all 150 questions to figure out the right answer, I’ll force a few people to take a few guesses on my blog or Facebook before revealing the correct answer. Wait. Who am I kidding, who is going to take the time to read this in the first place?!?!)

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