Flat Stanley Meets Emilio Estevez

Posted: March 10, 2010 in Family and Friends

Flat Stanley is a children’s book that was developed into a cool kids project (read about it HERE). In the project, kids send their Flat Stanleys (or Sallys we say for the girls) through the mail to friends in faraway places, so that Stanley/Sally can go on adventures and report back to the kids. A couple of Stanley’s more famous adventures were being on an episode of King of the Hill and being on the airplane that Sully Sullenberger landed in the Hudson River.

My youngest daughter did a Flat Stanley Project when she was an elementary student (Aunt Jacki in Dallas, Texas, did an awesome job with hers), and yesterday, she received a Flat “Sally” in the mail from her beautiful little second-grade friend, Brynlee, in Mississippi.

Well, Flat Sally didn’t waste any time getting into the Malibu scene.

Last night, we had the honor of attending a pre-release screening of Emilio Estevez’s new movie, The Way. We were a focus group for the yet-to-be-released movie, so we were told not to blog anything about the movie. I think it is okay for me to say that it is absolutely awesome and that you should have it on your movie radar when it is released.

Anyway, after the movie, I got to shake the hand of Mr. Estevez, thank him for the movie, introduce him to Flat Sally, and snap a picture of Hillary, Flat Sally, and their new friend, Emilio Estevez.

So far, every time I look at the picture, I literally laugh out loud. So cool for a bona fide movie star to be so gracious and proudly pose with a second-grader’s project. As we who truly appreciate the genesis of Emilio Estevez’s stardom would say in those memorable 1980s, that is too cool for school.

  1. lesjr says:

    that is too cool for school. EE is one of my all time favorite actors–Young Guns with Bon Jovi soundtrack one of my all time favorite movies…

  2. alsturgeon says:

    Thanks, Les! I, too, am a Young Guns fan. Seeing him last night makes me want to watch it again!

  3. wjcsydney says:

    Al, my daughter Nicky (15) will be SO jealous. The Breakfast Club is one of her very favourite movies of all time.

  4. alsturgeon says:

    🙂 Tell her he’s a super nice guy!!!

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