The Big Day for Health Care Reform

Posted: March 21, 2010 in Justice

Admittedly, I didn’t think this day would arrive. I expected things would fall apart before now, but considering my political viewpoint, I am pleased that President Obama and the Democratic Party appear to have assembled the votes necessary to enact health care reform. That it will produce “near” universal coverage is slightly less than desirable to me, but I will celebrate the progress.

I realize many of my friends are upset at the very thing I celebrate today, but such is the nature of politics. I remember all too well being upset with our decision to invade Iraq on so many grounds it was hard to see straight. I won’t compare and contrast the two decisions, but I’ll just say that I’ve had my share of disappointments with the powers that be, so I can relate. I can say that it helps a lot when you quit putting your faith in the powers that be. That way, you can enoy the pleasant surprises that come from time to time instead of having to feel like Chicken Little on a somewhat regular basis.

Here is what I do want to say today. I continue to long for a day when we can disagree on political topics in a civil fashion. There are people contemplating acts of violence right now over a bill about health care. Ironic, yes, but more scary than anything.

To that end, I would encourage everyone to take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Specifically, find a website like that tries to deal with the facts instead of spin them one way or the other. If all this health care reform talk has confused you, HERE’S A LINK to explain away the latest batch of misinformation from both sides.

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