Jody’s Big Day

Posted: April 11, 2010 in Family and Friends

A year ago Jody was so sad about the state of her health, and she decided to do something about it. At one point, she decided she wanted to run a 5k before her 40th birthday in April. At the time, she could barely run the straight-away on a track before having to stop. But she kept on working at it.

This morning, she achieved her goal, and in the process, surpassed even her own expectations. Not only did she complete a 5k, and not only did she run it without ever stopping to rest or walk, she ran it in just under thirty-five minutes. The race computer said she ran at a pace of eleven minutes and fifteen seconds per mile. Very, very impressive if you ask me. And I’m going to tell you it’s impressive whether you ask me or not.

Jody wanted me to run with her, and it was my pleasure. Being by her side has always been a blessing in my life, but it was even more special this morning. She was amazing.

Two of Jody’s inspirations, Sophia and Kerri, got up early on this chilly California day to bring Jody flowers and cheer her on. To make it even better for us, these two special ladies sat on either side of Hillary during the race. Hopefully Hillary appreciates the neat opportunity to be surrounded by such impressive women and such good friends.

After the race, we pulled off on Mulholland Drive to see if we could spot the ranch from the hit television show, The Biggest Loser. We’ve meant to search for it. Not only did we spot it, we pulled right up to it and took some pictures. That show has been a massive inspiration to Jody on her journey, so that was such a fitting way to end her 5k morning.

We took some pictures (Hillary did well in her photographer role!), so check them out HERE on my Facebook page. For those not on Facebook, I’ll post a couple below this on my blog.

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