The Craziest Game

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Miscellaneous

I checked in on the Cardinals game via Gameday on a few times yesterday, but when it got to the bottom of the ninth with no score, I started watching every pitch on my home computer. Which turned out to be a LOT of pitches. The game lasted twenty innings, and though my team ended up on the short end (what are you doing sending Ludwick when Pujols is at the plate?), it was still a game worthy of notice. HERE is an article chronicling the craziness.

One little factoid not in the article that shows how nuts a game like this can be: Joe Mather, a position player who ended up pitching the last two innings and got the loss, went 2-6 from the plate, played center field and third base, and he didn’t even enter the game until pinch hitting in the tenth inning!!!!!!!

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