Big, Huge, Wonderful News

Posted: April 26, 2010 in Family and Friends

Actually, we’ve had this announcement in tow for a couple weeks now, but we’ve waited until our oldest daughter (Erica) has had the chance to properly inform both her employer and the family. However, Jody said I had the “all clear” now to announce to the world that Erica is moving to Southern California in just a few weeks!!!!!

This will be the first time our little family has lived in the same town in a long time. We are unbelievably pumped to have Erica in Malibu with us, and we can’t wait to see the exciting new developments that will emerge in her life here.

One of the strange things about all this is that most of my new friends, as well as Jody’s new friends, are way closer to Erica’s age than our own. Actually, most of my friends are closer to Hillary’s age than ours, too. 🙂 And most of them already feel like they know Erica before she even arrives. It’ll be cool to have them all meet her in person.

Jody and I can’t help but think of how exciting it is for Erica to be twenty-three years old, have nothing holding her down, and the opportunity to move to SoCal to begin a new adventure. And we can’t help but think how exciting it is for US to have her nearby again.

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