Dancing With The Starrs

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Peace

His job in Malibu isn’t done just yet, but with today being the last day of classes for the semester, there was a little farewell ceremony in the law school atrium for Ken and Alice Starr. There was food on hand (actually provided by the Starrs), a few short speeches, and a chance for the students to say farewell.

Many Pepperdine students were drawn here by the name “Ken Starr.” I, on the other hand, coming from the other end of the political spectrum, came in spite of the name. But of the many, many reasons I can give for being pleased with my law school choice, one of the greatest involved the opportunity to learn that there is a massive difference between the myth and the man.

The words that littered today’s speeches are words that anyone who has spent time around the man would recognize: kind, gentle, and humble. There are also words and phrases like hugely-talented, driven, and crazy work ethic that are likewise appropriate. But given my picture of him on arrival, I find the other list more noteworthy.

I still share several fundamental disagreements with Dean Starr on the political front, but I am pleased to know now that he welcomes such disagreements and values the viewpoint diversity. That fact alone places us on precious common ground.

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