The Merry Month

Posted: May 1, 2010 in Family and Friends

Well, May is starting off with a bang. The campus is buzzing with guests for the undergraduate graduation ceremony, and Jody is down the hill helping out. Hillary is off to Disneyland with her choir to sing and play. And I am about to take a study break to do sack lunches for the Malibu Labor Exchange and then spend the rest of the day in the law library preparing for my Wills & Trusts final on Monday.

The month ahead promises to be quite the memorable one:
* Finishing up my second year of law school;
* Taking in a couple of nights of the Pepperdine Bible lectures;
* Celebrating Mother’s Day;
* Angels-A’s game with my friend, Bobby Ross;
* Cross-country trip to move Erica to Malibu;
* Watching several of my friends receive their J.D. degree;
* Starting full-time research for Dean Gash;
* Celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary;
* Preaching for a third time at our church on May 30.

That’s just the stuff on the calendar.

And best of all, the last day of May is Memorial Day. Best I can tell, for the first time in who knows when, all four of “us” will be together, off from work and school, and have the day to do whatever we want to do.

Does sound like a merry month to me.

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