Don’t Forget Mississippi

Posted: May 4, 2010 in Family and Friends, Nature

There is a stereotypical picture of Mississippi, and it has little if anything to do with the part of Mississippi I called home for nearly a decade. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is in some ways a state all its own, and if you include southeastern Lousiana, the Alabama Gulf Coast, and the Florida panhandle, it would qualify in a cultural sense to be its very own state.

But New Orleans pretty much overshadows this fictional state, which I never found to be THAT horrible, whatwith my love for New Orleans and all. But it is somewhat frustrating that the general U.S. populace never comprehends that the stuff that happens along this stretch of Gulf Coast implicates more than just The Big Easy. One of the easiest ways to offend a citizen of the Mississippi Gulf Coast is to mention that you thought Katrina only affected New Orleans.

Well, the BP oil spill is a little bit of a replay. The precious Lousiana marshland gets the majority of the press, which is understandable. But don’t forget Mississippi. And Alabama. And Florida. This environmental disaster is a biggie.

I ran across THIS ARTICLE on yesterday that remembers Mississippi in regard to the oil spill. And I thought I would share it today.

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