NBA? I Still Prefer Old School

Posted: May 6, 2010 in Miscellaneous

I watched an NBA game for the first time in a long while last evening, and I enjoyed it. Mostly because the team I was rooting for won, but still, it was a good game either way. Basketball used to be such a large part of my life, so it is weird for me to notice that I just don’t follow it much anymore. And I don’t know why that’s the case.

Could be that I was raised on the best basketball ever, and nothing else can ever compete. I was a Dr. J fan as a kid, though I caught my basketball hero at the tail end of his storied career. But it was good timing in a sense because the tail end of his career ushered in the greatest era of hoops history: the Magic vs. Bird rivalry, and the launch of Air Jordan.

Anyway, all this just got me to thinking about the old school NBA. Looking back, it’s kind of funny that I was a Dr. J fan as a kid. Let’s see, I was a slow white kid that couldn’t jump, and the only things I had going for me were my height, brains, and shooting ability. That I hated Larry Bird was ironic.

I started thinking about Larry Legend and went searching on YouTube for an unbelievable performance of his against the Atlanta Hawks that I remember watching on television as a teenager. And I succeeded. You can see how amazing he was that night by watching the Hawks bench response as the game carried on.

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