Joining the Circus and Such

Posted: May 10, 2010 in Miscellaneous

I fully realize my adult life hasn’t followed a path anyone would consider normal. Most of the time, that’s fine and dandy. It is a bit troublesome, however, when I try to construct a resume to convince a potential employer that I may possibly be the best employee ever, even though my life history doesn’t look like anyone else’s in that resume stack. But it’s a package deal I guess.


So when I run across someone who can seemingly relate to the weirdness that is me, I like to pay close attention. Since I’m usually the only one at my support group meetings, you know.

One of Ed Fudge’s recent emails pointed me toward Barbara Brown Taylor’s “Table Manners” article that I linked to a couple days ago. I liked it so much that I wondered just who this Barbara Brown Taylor was, and when I discovered she had written a book titled, Leaving Church, a personal memoir about how she left professional ministry to be a normal person (smile), I knew I had a new book to read.

I’m just getting started on it, but a brief excerpt from the Introduction let me know that it really is a book for me. Taylor wrote, “These days I earn my living teaching school, not leading worship, and while I still dream of opening a small restaurant in Clarkesville or volunteering at an eye clinic in Nepal, there is no guarantee that I will not run off with the circus before I am through. This is not the life I planned or the life I recommend to others. But it is the life that has turned out to be mine . . .”

I have a feeling I may have more to share from Barbara Brown Taylor in the future. Consider yourself forewarned.


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