Friday Love

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Family and Friends

I do not participate in all the Friday love. I mean, every day of the week should be enjoyed equally don’t you think? But for some reason, Friday is just SOOOO popular.

Monday spends most of her time in therapy, and the only time Tuesday gets any attention is once a year when people call her Fat. Wednesday has the most unfortunate nickname, and Thursday gets nothing because she always has to stand right next to Miss Popularity. Both Saturday and Sunday are well-liked, but still, neither come anywhere close to being singled out for love like Friday.

So I try to love every day the same. Except this week, when I cannot WAIT for Friday. Part of it is that my 2L year ends on Thursday. But more than that, it is my good friend Bobby Ross’s fault that I am all excited about Friday.

Bobby is the Managing Editor of The Christian Chronicle, a newspaper devoted to Churches of Christ. I had the pleasure of meeting Bobby when he came to the Mississippi Coast to report following Hurricane Katrina, and thanks to the Internet (and our shared love of baseball), we’ve been able to stay in touch ever since.

Bobby gets to do cool things all the time, like hang out at a major league baseball game to interview a Church of Christ member who happens to be a professional baseball player (see his most recent HERE). This is where this Friday enters the picture.

Bobby will be in L.A. this week to interview Brad Ziegler, a pitcher for the Oakland A’s, when his team battles the Los Angeles Angels at Angel Stadium. And he “hired” ME to be his photographer! That’s right, boys and girls, I get to go down on the field, have press credentials, et cetera. Bobby isn’t sure if I get to go to the clubhouse or not, but what I do know is that I get to enter the stadium three hours before the game and be on the field during batting practice!!!!! A little-boy-turned-big-boy’s dream come true!!!!

Here’s the funny thing: I’m even more excited about what I have planned the days following the game (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday). But I’ll have to tell you all about those plans later. Cuz as for today, I can’t wait until Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

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