Home Sweet Home

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Family and Friends

It has been quite a week, one that I’m sure I’ll remember forever.

* Friday: It all began with the most excellent opportunity to go to the Angels-A’s game with Bobby Ross. Bobby got a full introduction to L.A. traffic: it took us 2.5 hours to travel the 56 miles to Anaheim, and then 45 minutes to travel the same route home later that night. šŸ™‚ I had field privileges and got to hang out on the field during batting practice, and I got to sit in the press box during the game! Dream come true. Here’s Bobby’s blog from the game, and for coolness points, notice that I’m credited with the picture of Brad Ziegler!

* Saturday morning/afternoon: Excellent start to my trip when I learned that my friend, movie writer/director, Zac Heath, had the exact same flights! We rode to LAX together, and I had the pleasure of passing the time with some stimulating conversation. Plus, when we made it to Memphis, I got to see Zac’s younger brother, Jeremy, whom I once taught as a high school junior!

* Saturday night: It was a short stay in Arkansas, but the quality was first-rate. Once Erica hooked up with us, we (the fam) went out for dinner at Taco Rio (taco burger & chips/dip – yum, yum!) Saturday night and had a lot of fun just talking. It was so good to see everyone.

* Sunday: Excellent first day of our road trip. I was worried a little about the weather, but it cooperated nicely. We stopped at a truck stop in Oklahoma City and noticed some VERY dark skies. We heard talk about tornado warnings in the area et cetera, but it looked like our route skirted the storms, so we didn’t worry much. When we made it to our hotel that night in Shamrock, Texas, we were interested to hear that there was softball-sized hail in that Oklahoma City storm!!!

* Monday: Day 2 was excellent, too. We enjoyed an introduction to the mountains of New Mexico, and Erica almost made me leave her in Albuquerque because it was really that cool. We made it all the way to Arizona that evening and stayed at the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook. Very, very cool. I highly recommend it to anyone traveling west (or east. guess the road works both ways, right?). If you’re on Facebook, you can check out my pictures HERE. Plus, the lady that checked us in made a wonderful dinner recommendation, and we enjoyed a tasty meal at Joe & Aggie’s Cafe.

* Tuesday: Two words for Tuesday = Grand Canyon. Awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Erica developed a new life goal: She wants to go on an eight-day trip whitewater rafting the Colorado River with Grand Canyon Expeditions. My personal life goals do not involve the possibility of drowning, but I think her goal is awesome. And if I was braver, I’d share it with her. Again, for the Facebookers, HERE’S A LINK to my Grand Canyon photo album. By night’s end, we made it to Kingman, Arizona, where, in honor of moving away from the South, we enjoyed a wonderful meal at the ever-popular Cracker Barrel.

* Wednesday: We made it to Malibu about 1pm on Wednesday, just as planned. I really can’t describe how good it was to have our family reunited, and I likewise can’t describe how it felt to hear Erica & Hillary hanging out together in “their” room. I am blessed with two wonderful daughters. Last night, Malibu High hosted its first ever Middle School Awards Night, and Hillary took home a couple of academic awards. It was neat to sit with Jody & Erica and have ALL of us there for Hillary.

We have an interesting summer ahead. It will be neat to see where things stand with all of us when it is over. But all I know now is that it is off to a most excellent start.


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