A Date With an Old Friend

Posted: May 26, 2010 in Peace

I’m scheduled to preach at our church this weekend. Just like riding a bicycle I keep telling myself.

It has now been a couple of years since I left “the profession.” During my ten years as a preacher, I would preach/teach multiple times a week, and even on vacations it always seemed like I ended up preaching wherever I was visiting. But in our two years here, well, my preaching date this Sunday will bring the grand total to four sermons delivered. Which has been just fine with me.

The theme for our sermon series is “Life Together,” a handy phrase to describe the idea behind the Greek word koinonia. I spent a whole year on that topic once, which is kinda convenient. And yet, I’ve decided to go all original and preach a brand new sermon on the idea. I’ve titled it, “We’re One, But We’re Not the Same,” and I’m hoping to paint a broad picture with a big, wide honkin’ paintbrush on what sets Jesus-style community apart from anything else in the world. We’ll see how it goes.

Thankfully, it’s Memorial Day weekend so most everyone will be traveling. But for those few unfortunate souls who are stuck in Malibu (ha! I like that phrase, stuck in Malibu, but anyway…), they’ll have to endure the meandering thoughts of an out-of-practice former preacher. I’m guessing that crowd will mostly be my wife and daughters, and they’re used to it.

But if you’re in the area and have the stomach for it, services at 10:15am in Elkins Auditorium on the stunning campus of Pepperdine University.


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