Tell Me, Who’s In The House?

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Family and Friends, Laughter

It has been a very good Sunday. Morning started with a very interesting class at church on the death penalty taught by Chris Doran, followed by getting the opportunity to preach to a lot of nice people. Afterward, enjoyed lunch at the Le’s with three wonderful families. Then, my good friend, Mikey, was gracious enough to loan us his truck and his muscles and took Jody & I to Santa Monica to pick up a bed for Erica. Then, we made it back just in time to go up to the Gibsons for dinner (and a Wii Bowling tournament) with three other awesome families. It was a very full day in more ways than one.

But as I fade away tonight, thought I’d share a hilarious YouTube video with you. When I first started watching it, I didn’t think it would be that great. But I kept watching, and it is terrific. I’m not allowed to embed it, but you can click on THIS LINK to see it. Enjoy.


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