Hey June

Posted: June 1, 2010 in Family and Friends

In many ways, June promises to be a “catch my breath” month. July will be markedly different. As will August, and every month of my life afterward, but June almost promises to be relaxing. I will continue researching for Dean Gash, but outside of that, there just isn’t a lot of responsibility factored into the calendar.

It should be a month where Erica gets good and settled in, as well as a month where Hillary finishes up the seventh grade. There are some fun dates penciled into June, too. We’ll see Malibu High’s production of “Crazy For You.” We’ll go to Dodger Stadium to catch my Redbirds in action. Hillary has a choir performance. My friend Mikey and I are going hiking to find the site for the old M*A*S*H show. Jody’s boss/friend has invited our family over for a Saturday get-together. And, of course, we get to do a couple more Sack Lunch Saturdays for the Malibu Labor Exchange.

Plus, there are the unexpected things, which usually turn out to be some of the very best.

Some people talk about June Gloom here in Southern California. It sure looks bright to me.


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