John Wooden & Love

Posted: June 5, 2010 in Lessons

Like most who have coached the sport of basketball in some capacity, I am very familiar with John Wooden. His “Practical Modern Basketball” was literally my college textbook on the subject, and when I got rid of tons of books prior to my move to law school, that was one I just couldn’t let go. I suspect many people in this world (like me) have analyzed his Pyramid of Success while wondering if the secret of the world might be found therein.

I had a chance to see a preseason game in Pauley Pavilion just a season ago, and thanks to a friend who gave me the tickets, I had awesome seats. Being in Pauley was most definitely worth the trip, but I’ll admit that I was disappointed that “Coach” did not make it out that night. I could have had a close-up view of a true legend.

It is interesting to hear people talk about Coach Wooden after his passing. He was basically the most successful coach ever in terms of wins and losses and championships, the things that define a coach’s career. And yet, all of the memorial thoughts focus on how his greatest legacy is the person he was, not the records he accumulated.

If you aren’t a sports fan in the least, you may not know much about Coach Wooden. And even if you are a sports fan, you may not know much about him as a person. Either way, if you know anything about the word “love,” you need to check out this interview of Coach by Rick Reilly. You won’t regret it.

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