Strapped In & Ready

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Miscellaneous

My all-time favorite ride is the Rock ‘N Rollercoaster at Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando. The immediate acceleration at the beginning is phenomenal, and the ride is just SO much fun.

I sorta feel like my life is about to take off like that, and I’m hoping that it works out to be equally fun!

I’m technically in charge of our journal’s grading of the write-on competition, which begins the middle of next week. In addition, next weekend’s family schedule is already crazy busy. The following weekend is when I fly out to begin a six-week clerkship, and when I return from that, I’ll immediately be juggling journal stuff, R.A. training, Fall OCI, clerkship applications, and the beginning of 3L classes.

So when will this roller coaster end? Well, don’t think it will be at the end of my 3L year when we all face the dreaded bar examination. And I don’t think it will be after that when an actual career as a lawyer gets underway.

In other words, I think this roller coaster is about to get started, and I’m not sure there will be an end!!!


One little change-a-roo to notify you all about. Since I’m strapped in and ready for the crazy ride ahead, my plan is to start posting just one blog entry a week. Probably on Sundays. Probably a more extensive entry than normal–hopefully a little more of an example of my actual writing abilities, but we’ll see. For my Facebook friends, I’m sure I’ll still post a few status updates and links during the work week, but as for Minutes to Memories, just anticipate one entry a week for the near future. And maybe the far future, too. 🙂

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