A Theory of Devolution

Posted: July 3, 2010 in Lessons, Peace

In the beginning, a man was attacked by someone more powerful than he.
So he started carrying around a great big stick.

Then someone else got an even bigger stick.
So he gave his weapon a sharp point.

Then someone else made theirs with an iron tip.
So he made a bow to shoot his enemy from a distance.

Then someone else created a gun.
So he made a cannon.

Then someone else made a bomb.
So he made a land mine.

Then someone else began dropping their bombs from airplanes.
So he created a nuclear weapon that could vaporize an entire city.

Then someone else made a missile that could destroy a city from half a world away.
So he made a system that could destroy everyone else’s missiles after they’d been launched while stockpiling an arsenal of nuclear weaponry that could destroy the planet multiple times over.

Game over.

But then, someone else flew some airplanes into some buildings, and hidden people began to manufacture biological weapons so that one person can destroy an entire nation no matter how many weapons it has.

Finally, someone asked: “Is there something wrong with this entire game?”
And everyone attacked the questioner.

So the questioner died.
But his question didn’t.

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