Posted: July 29, 2007 in Family and Friends

When Hurricane Katrina struck our area twenty-three months ago today, it poured water into the houses of twenty-seven of our church families. Due to the unbelievable influx of money, workers, and supplies responding to our cries for help, almost every family was back in a permanent house (some their old house, and some a new house) within a few months. For a couple of families, however, their situation was more complicated, and the wait much longer.

The Lawler family is still waiting.

For one, they are involved in substantial litigation with their insurance company. For two, they live in an area that faces complicated new building standards.

Thankfully, they were blessed with a very nice house so that they haven’t had to cramp into a FEMA trailer these almost two years. But still, they aren’t home.

Shannon sent me some pictures this weekend of the footings FINALLY being poured for their house! They are very excited for things to really be underway. As is the case with new construction, there will be lots of weather issues and contractor issues to deal with along the way, so there are no firm predictions for how long this will take. But it’s started. And that’s a good feeling.

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