Malibu Dance Star

Posted: June 20, 2009 in Family and Friends

Hillary and Miss Charissa (friend & former dancer for Britney Spears)

Hillary’s dance teacher, Miss Charissa, is opening her very own studio (“Dance Star”) and kicked it off today with an outdoor performance at the brand new shopping destination, the Malibu Lumber Yard. The Lumber Yard is all eat up with coolness, as you might expect.

The Malibu Lumber Yard

Hillary, of course, did a teriffic job. She is such a natural on stage with great facial expressions and such confidence!


Hillary’s good buddies, Sarah and Mia, came out to watch her dance today, which was very sweet.


Jody and I found it cool that Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora were there watching, too, since their daughter is in Hillary’s class. I still find it crazy that Hillary is hanging out with kids of the mega-stars. I put on my paparazzi hat and snagged this picture of Richie Sambora after the show.


It was also a good day to play with my camera and try to get some cool pics. Here is my best shot in my opinion.



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