Why Yes, I Believe I Will Have a Happy Father’s Day

Posted: June 21, 2009 in Family and Friends

My Father’s Day promised to be so nice it had to start last evening. Jody & Hillary gave me a funny card with tickets inside to see my favorite musician, John Fogerty, at the Hollywood Bowl on the 4th of July. Talk about a good start to a Father’s Day!

Church was nice this morning, too. Our friend, Brad, is a professor of theater arts here at Pepperdine, and he was in charge of today’s adult class. As creative theater people seem to do, he had a unique approach to class. Brad had recruited two others to help him perform a selection from “Dead Man Walking,” followed by a discussion on how the characters resembled (or didn’t resemble) Jesus.

After worship, our friends, Hank and Sue, invited to treat us to lunch at the cafeteria. In addition to a nice meal, we had such a nice time visiting with such a special couple. Hank has leukemia, and he has begun his chemotherapy treatments. You’d never know it from having lunch with him today. In certain ways, Hank reminds me of my dad, and having been without him for fifteen Father’s Days now, having lunch with Hank was especially nice.

This afternoon, Jody & Hillary & I ended up watching the ridiculous movie, “Malibu’s Most Wanted,” on Comedy Central. It was so silly we had to like it – not to mention the fun in noticing the places in Malibu in which it was filmed.

Our cell phone service is screwy right now, so I had to settle for a text message sneaking through from Erica today wishing me a Happy Father’s Day, too. It was good to know she was thinking of me.

The weather is just gorgeous today, too, though that is nothing new. For weeks now, the high has hovered around seventy degrees. Today, though, the June Gloom of overcast skies gave way to blue skies and sunshine, and the Pacific Ocean is sparkling.

And as nearly too-good-to-be-true icing-on-the-cake, Albert Pujols had about a hundred RBI’s today.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Father’s Day, either generally or specifically. I have good news to report: your wish came true.

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