Posted: September 1, 2007 in Miscellaneous

#1: Added the pic above to my Ocean Springs photo-project. Pleasant’s Open Pit Bar-B-Q, adjacent to Pleasant’s Tire Service, is a local legend in Ocean Springs, but I had never eaten there until yesterday’s lunch. This has totally been my loss. I’ll be back, partly because the food is awesome, and partly because Michael Pleasant and his family owned and operated business is my kind of place.

#2: I also did a photo-shoot in Marshall Park with Melanie Allen, the president of the Historic Ocean Springs Association. I had a wonderful time visiting with her and came up with some great pictures. I’ll add one to my project once she emails me some historical information about Marshall Park.

#3: The tragic news story from yesterday seemed even more tragic when we learned that the baby wasn’t discovered until 4pm or so Friday afternoon. She had been inside a black SUV in our oppressive Gulf Coast heat all day long. Melanie (referred to above) told me sadly that she had been to that particular bank that morning and believes she was next to the SUV. She wonders why she didn’t happen to look in the windows, or hear a baby’s cry.

#4: Today is Art Walk in downtown Ocean Springs, and I will go add some pictures today, too.

#5: Tonight is the first home game for the University of South Alabama Jaguar Volleyball team. As fans, my family will head over and watch the game.

#6: Ocean Springs won its opening football game last night against neighbor, St. Martin. The Greyhounds have the top player in the state of Mississippi in wide receiver, D’Andre Brown. Listen to these numbers for a high school receiver: 6’7, 220 pounds, and runs a 4.4. forty. Sheesh!

#7: The Cardinals won last night and pulled back within 2 games of the Cubs. The best part was that my new hero, Rick Ankiel, hit a grand slam!

#8: Hillary’s friend, Amanda Stone, spent the night at our house last night. Our friends, the Stones, are moving to the Tampa, Florida, area this Monday. Being in a military area has great benefits (get to be friends with lots of wonderful people) and significant drawbacks (having to say good-bye so often). Hillary wanted Amanda to spend the night one more time before they moved. I can hear them having fun already this morning.

#9: My niece’s surgery has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 18, in Memphis. I would appreciate any and all prayers.

#10: College football begins in earnest today!!! There is only one game that looks somewhat interesting today (Tennessee and California), but I’ll be interested in my Arkansas Razorbacks opening game. They play the men of Troy (Alabama) first this year instead of the men of Troy (Southern California). I hope the outcome will be reversed this go around. The Darren McFadden watch begins today – the Razorback star is the preseason favorite to win the Heisman Trophy, which would be the first in school history if it happened. That would be cool.

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