Posted: January 7, 2008 in Peace
My Buddy, Chase, After Class This Morning

Today began my tenth calendar year in Ocean Springs, and I issued a challenge for what promises to be my final year here: I challenged our church to become the friendliest church around.

I spent a lot of time playing around with the Greek word koinonia in my sermon. In particular, I told the fascinating origins of the Koinonia Farm in Americus, Georgia, a place that bears a tremendous likeness to the church described in Acts 2: 42-47.

I admitted out loud that I find it a bit embarrassing that I am a part of a heritage that claims that we are most like the restored First Century Church, when there is a farm in Georgia that lives together, works together, worships together, and studies together – EVERY DAY. Like the first church, you know.

If you don’t know about Koinonia Farm and its history, check it out HERE.

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