Law School

Posted: August 16, 2008 in The Big Move

It has been quite a rush moving to California: selling most of our stuff, making the cross country trip, navigating the system, and seeing the sights. In a few days, however (I’m beginning to realize), I will walk down the sidewalk pictured above, open the door and step inside, and begin the reason that prompted this exhilarating move: law school.

The word “horrors” is often associated with law school, particularly first year. We’re about to find out. Many months ago now, while living in Mississippi, I purchased the book Law School 101, a book that tries to prepare folks like me for what lies ahead. I read it eagerly, intending to read it over and over again prior to our arrival. But I just read it once. I guess pulling off the move took precedence instead.

But a couple of days ago I opened it up again, skipped past the sections on the LSAT and how to get into law school, and honed in on the chapters preparing the readers for First Year. As I read, I started kicking myself a bit:
* Shouldn’t I know what a tort is more than a few days before my first day?
* Shouldn’t I know what it means to “brief a case” before I spend my next three years doing it?
* Did I actually THINK before deciding to go to law school?
* Do I have any idea what I’m in for?

Natural jitters, I suppose. Probably more reality kicking in.

I remember my last semester of college (so long ago, I’m suddenly feeling!). My friend, Kirk, and I were assigned to student teaching in the same school district. As we walked down a sidewalk after our orientation session, he looked at me in all seriousness and said, “Have you thought What if we don’t like teaching?” No, I hadn’t thought about that, though it seemed a rather important thought to think. Then ten years ago, when I made the move to preaching, I remember a long-time preacher telling me I had no idea what awaited me. And he was right.

So I guess these thoughts just come with the territory. Or at least they do with me.

Funny thing: as I read yesterday what it means to “brief a case” and how law school is so different from everything else, I had this crazy serendiptity that law school was designed for me. That the skills required in law school are a near perfect match to the skills I naturally possess.

Now I thought I should blog about this today because I’m sure I won’t feel this way again once I walk through those doors – at least for the entire first year. But maybe, every once in a while when things seem really bad, I’ll stumble back to this morning and remind myself that, for once, I really feel like I belong somewhere. And that will keep me going.

I’m going to be a lawyer.

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