Live Greatly

Posted: August 21, 2008 in The Big Move

“One can live greatly in the law – as elsewhere.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

My new dean, Ken Starr, shared this Holmes quote in welcoming us to the Pepperdine School of Law yesterday. I sure could have used it all the times people told me “we need more preachers than lawyers” over the course of the past year.

Yesterday was an absolute great day. Dean Starr emphasized the word “community,” and it was evident that this is what Pepperdine SOL is in reality: a welcoming community. I had lunch with Professor Goodno (my program advisor) and a couple of new classmates, and she made us feel completely comfortable and welcome. After reading of the horrors of law school, I think all of us were shocked.

A few thoughts from yesterday:
* Law school is going to involve a lot of work. Surprise!
* We were told repeatedly that we are the most academically gifted class in school history. Due to the competitive nature of law school, this brought mixed feelings.
* Professor Doug Kmiec delivered a breathtaking lecture on “Foundations of Law.” I must take Constitutional Law under this man no matter what.

Funny for a former preacher to say, but choosing a Christian law school wasn’t even close to a factor for me (there were two in the eight schools to which I applied). But Pepperdine has already made me glad I’m here for that reason alone. A little bit for the welcoming atmosphere. A little bit because I already speak the language. But mostly because I approach life from that background, and as Professor Kmiec so effectively taught us yesterday, I need to determine over the next three years what will be the foundation of my new professional career.

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