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Posted: October 23, 2008 in Miscellaneous

#1: Jody said the West Coast Choppers were hanging out on campus yesterday. Cool.

#2: This is Open Memo week for us lowly 1Ls. Which theoretically is no fun at all. The theory is gaining wide support.

#3: I got to talk to Erica yesterday and hear all her good news about her senior year of college. I am so proud of her. And for her.

#4: The Santa Ana are blowing once more, increasing the risk of wildfires over the next few days. Hopefully nothing dramatic will happen on that front. I’ve noticed that we don’t sing “It only takes a spark to get a fire going” at any of our religious gatherings.

#5: Caught the 9th inning of Game 1 of the World Series last night. I’m for Tampa, but truthfully this World Series hasn’t captured my interest at all.

#6: Professor Hilary Reed spoke at our Bible study last night and did a nice job.

#7: Our Hillary is primed for a big week next week: trying out for the middle school musical and singing in her first choir performance.

#8: Open Memo might railroad much opportunity for fun this weekend, but I’ve eyed a couple of possibilities: Malibu High has a big home football game Friday night, and Pepperdine is hosting a big swimming & diving competition on Saturday.

#9: For those scoring at home, I’ve developed a couple of major legal interests: Education Law, and Civil Rights Law. I’m especially drawn to a place like THIS DIVISION of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Working somewhere like that would be super cool.

#10: Some mind-boggling facts about the LAUSD:
* It has over 700,000 students
* Has about 85,000 employees
* Serves 500,000 meals a day
* Has its own police department (police chief, the whole deal)
* $20 billion budget in 2008
* Student body is 73% Hispanic
* Inspiration for the based-on-a-true-story movie “Stand & Deliver”
* High school dropout rate: 33%

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