Family Law

Posted: January 29, 2009 in Miscellaneous

One of the dangers of blogging is exposing that you are an idiot. But best I figure, once that cat is out of the bag, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

I’ve been all over the board on what I want to do with a law degree, and I’ve declared several different directions on this blog. Lots of things sound interesting, so I go back and forth a lot. It feels, however, that it is about time I pick a course to pursue. Doesn’t mean that’s how it will end up, but I need to be shooting for something.

Turns out that family law is that direction. Makes sense given my resume, but on several other levels, too – reasons I’m too sleepy to outline this morning.

The words “family law” have a certain ring to them:
* There’s the ugly side: being a “divorce attorney” is not the most popular thing to be.
* There’s the warm, fuzzy side: standing up for the best interest of children sounds sweet & cuddly.

Then there’s the reality of it.

Yesterday, a dude spoke during lunch at the law school, telling us about his 37 years of experience as a solo practitioner in the family law field. He told us that the reason there are metal detectors when you enter courthouses isn’t criminal law – it’s family law. Where emotions run high. He told a story about when his client’s wife pulled out a gun in the courthouse (pre-metal detector days), shot his client, turned the gun on him, pulled the trigger and the gun jammed. Thankfully, the bailiff subdued her before she ended his career!

So, it isn’t a boring field. 🙂

Anyway, feels good to have a direction in this vast ocean called the legal profession. Now it’s time to start making progress down that particular road.

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