Swine Flew

Posted: September 19, 2009 in Miscellaneous

Well, the Arkansas Razorback football team is different this year, and without a doubt, more entertaining. The ball definitely flies through the air. I’d like to claim a copyright on all the Swine Flew t-shirts sure to come.

But I don’t know if we can officially say we are even “better” just yet. We’ve got lots of passing and a little bit of running. Mallett can throw the heck out of the ball, but he can’t move in the pocket. We’re decent against the run and pathetic against the pass. We commit far too many penalties, and speaking to a pet peeve of mine, cannot find any twenty-year-old kid in the state of Arkansas who can get a kickoff past the twenty-yard line.

Maybe, though, if we can put up forty every game, every once in a while we’ll run into someone like Missouri State who is incapable of putting up fifty.

But it was quite a show on ESPN tonight. In the end, though, we are 0-1 at home in the SEC.

I’m no Houston Nutt apologist, but it is interesting to consider that he’s looking at the top five at Ole Miss, of all places, while we’ll be lucky to smell the top 25.

Anyway, in other football news…

With apologies to many of my Western friends, I enjoyed seeing USC, Utah, and BYU all lose today. Sorry, but I’m an SEC fan, and I always hate it when a team from a weak conference runs the table and then demands the right to play for the championship. Maybe they deserve it, but who knows?

And don’t look now, but I believe there will be four SEC teams in the top seven or so come Monday.

I spent the majority of today doing law school work, but it was fun to watch the Hogs on television tonight, along with honing my remote control skills watching Texas/Texas Tech during commercials. These skills will come in handy tomorrow evening when I’ll be flipping back and forth furiously between the Cowboys/Giants football game and the Cardinals/Cubs baseball game.

I do love this time of year.

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