Seeing Antwone Fisher

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Stories

As one of the events to celebrate Black History Month, Pepperdine brought the “real” Antwone Fisher to campus last night. Antwone Fisher has always been one of my favorite movies, so it was cool to take my wife, daughter, and mom down to Elkins Auditorium to see a screening of the movie and then hear a short interview with the man behind the movie afterward.

Part of the beauty behind the story for both Jody and I are the memories we have of our years spent as houseparents in a residential group home. Of course, Antwone’s story is a true story. However, it is only uncommon in that there was a movie made about it. And that he beat the odds.

Jody and I know our own Antwone stories, and although it was neat to see the star behind the show last night, it was extra special because it reminded us of our own personal heroes.

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