Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Miscellaneous

My third interview tomorrow is with the Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles. Part of its distinctive appeal to me is its close relationship with CASA, an organization near and dear to my heart. You can read about the CLC HERE.

A tiny downside to the CLC is that it is a little further away from Malibu than the other three places I’m interviewing (the others about 30 miles away in Downtown L.A., and CLC is in Monterey Park which is about 35 miles away in East L.A.). A few miles in L.A. traffic can translate into quite a bit of time. But the work and the opportunity sounds plenty cool enough to overcome that little disadvantage.

One of my favorite parts of living in the L.A. area is the diversity, and checking out Monterey Park on Wikipedia was interesting. In a town of 60,000, over 60% of the people are of Asian descent (over 40% Chinese), and only about 20% Caucasian.

Well, better get going today. Finishing up Week 4 of my second semeter of law school. Four down, fourteen to go!

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